Four Thrifted Outfits Every College Girl Needs

Happy Sunday thrifters! It’s a gloomy Sunday here in Baltimore, but I believe this post will brighten up your day!

I came across an article by the Northern Star Media. It talks about how thrifting is great for college students who want cheap clothes, and I couldn’t agree more! I’m in college, so I know the difficulty of trying to balance fashion with my bank account.

After reading the article, a great idea came to my mind. What if I could find a few great thrifted outfits for college fashionistas? I went to my local thrift store and created four outfits (minus shoes) that every college girl needs. I think you’ll like these outfits. Trust me, I have a PhD in thrifting.

  1. Casual Outfit

The first outfit I put together was this simple, every day, casual outfit. It consists of a cozy, cotton t-shirt dress and a cute brown belt. I chose this dress because its stylish, versatile, and most of all, comfortable. A college girl could wear this dress to class, lunch with friends, or while running a quick errand. The dress cost $7.99 and the belt only $3.99. This outfit is great because it can be worn in the spring and summer by itself or worn in fall with a cardigan and boots. I really like this article by InStyle that shows three different ways to style a t-shirt dress. A t-shirt dress is a must-have for a college girl’s closet!

  1. Workout Outfit

The next outfit I found was this workout outfit. I found a workout skirt with tags still attached and a workout jacket. Both are from the brand Fila. This one is kind of obvious. Every college girl needs a workout outfit. Whether she’s at the gym or jogging across campus, a workout outfit is a necessity. The skirt was $9.99 and the jacket $6.99. I really like this outfit because it can be worn together or separately. The jacket can be worn with a pair of jeans or the skirt can be worn with a t-shirt.

  1. Interview Outfit

This outfit is a must for every college girl. A pantsuit is essential to wear to a job interview, an internship, or an important meeting. In my opinion, this is the most important piece in a college girl’s closet. The pantsuit set is by Tommy Hilfiger. It was kind of pricey for the thrift store. But, it was in great condition and if you ask me, $20 for a Tommy Hilfiger suit is a great deal since a similar one costs $130 for the jacket and $62 for the pants. I chose this white shirt to go with the suit because it added a nice color balance and you can’t beat the price for $6.99.

  1. Social Outfit

The last thrifted outfit every college girl needs is a social outfit. This is an outfit that can be worn out to a party, on a date night, or wherever she pleases. I chose this dress because I thought it can be worn for those occasions. First, let me add that I LOVE this dress. I think the color is stunning and the ruffles add a nice touch. I truly think it is beautiful and a must-have for a college girl’s closet. This dress cost $9.99 at the thrift store which is nothing compared to its retail price of $90.

I hope this post provides some inspiration for college girls who have a tight budget but love fashion. What did you think of the outfits I paired? Which one was your favorite? Let me know in the comments!


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