Five Items You Shouldn’t Donate to the Thrift Store

Happy Sunday thrifters! Since the weekend weather was so nice here in Baltimore, I decided to do a little fall cleaning. While cleaning, I made a few bags of items that I want to donate to my local thrift store. When I was finished cleaning, I came across an article from News 4 Jax that talks about bad thrift store donations that are costing thrift stores money.

Thrift stores are not trash dumps. It’s important to be considerate about the items that you are donating to your thrift store because not all thrift stores have the resources to sell all of the donations they receive. As the article stated, it costs them money to dispose of some items.

So, I felt inspired by that article to compile a list of five items that you should never donate to the thrift store. That way, you’ll have a little cheat sheet to use when you are considering donating to a thrift store.

 1. Old Toiletries and Makeup

Do not donate old toiletries and makeup. Although you may find these items in the thrift store, it is not sanitary to donate or purchase them. Most cosmetics have a little jar icon, known as a PAO (product after opening), that tells you the number of months it is safe to use the product after it is opened. If you donate an opened product, it has already been contaminated and could possibly be expired. This could spread germs and cause someone to potentially use an unsafe product. When you are considering donating toiletries or makeup, play it safe and toss them in the trash.


2. Underwear

I feel like this one should be self-explanatory. Underwear is sold in thrift stores, but it shouldn’t be. Please do not donate underwear, it’s gross. Even if they were expensive or could be worn a few more times, just toss them out. It’s unsanitary. End of discussion.


3. Very Worn or Stained Clothing

I see this in the thrift store all of the time. I’ll pick up a lovely shirt just to notice that it has a large stain or there is a giant hole in it. Do not donate very worn or stained clothing. When you do this, it wastes so much time. Your time was wasted donating it. The thrift store’s time was wasted tagging and attempting to sell it. The potential buyer’s time was wasted when they got their hopes up. Save everyone’s time and toss it in the trash or recycling.


4. Chipped Dishware

This topic is argued by some, but I agree with The Fundamental Home that you should not donate chipped dishes. Here’s why: they will take forever to sell, if at all, and it is unsafe. Although some chipped dishes may still be usable, it’s best to toss them out. Think about it. You donated the chipped dish because it was chipped. When a buyer wants to purchase dishes from the thrift store, they will most likely choose dishes that aren’t chipped so that they can get the most use out of them. Not to mention, chipped dishes can cut people and are unsafe. When it comes to chipped dishes, toss them out to save everyone time and a potential trip to the hospital.


5. Broken Electronics

This is also a given. Do not donate your old electronics because you don’t know what to do with them. It is as easy as recycling them instead. When you donate broken electronics, thrift stores waste their time trying to sell or dispose of these items. If they make it out to the shelf, a buyer may purchase it not knowing that it doesn’t work. Most thrift stores do not allow returns, so when you donate broken electronics, a lot of time is wasted and hopes are let down.


I hope you found this list useful! What did you think of my tips? Do you agree with them? Let me know in the comments!

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