Five Items You Shouldn’t Donate to the Thrift Store

Happy Sunday thrifters! Since the weekend weather was so nice here in Baltimore, I decided to do a little fall cleaning. While cleaning, I made a few bags of items that I want to donate to my local thrift store. When I was finished cleaning, I came across an article from News 4 Jax that talks about bad thrift store donations that are costing thrift stores money.

Thrift stores are not trash dumps. It’s important to be considerate about the items that you are donating to your thrift store because not all thrift stores have the resources to sell all of the donations they receive. As the article stated, it costs them money to dispose of some items.

So, I felt inspired by that article to compile a list of five items that you should never donate to the thrift store. That way, you’ll have a little cheat sheet to use when you are considering donating to a thrift store.

 1. Old Toiletries and Makeup

Do not donate old toiletries and makeup. Although you may find these items in the thrift store, it is not sanitary to donate or purchase them. Most cosmetics have a little jar icon, known as a PAO (product after opening), that tells you the number of months it is safe to use the product after it is opened. If you donate an opened product, it has already been contaminated and could possibly be expired. This could spread germs and cause someone to potentially use an unsafe product. When you are considering donating toiletries or makeup, play it safe and toss them in the trash.


2. Underwear

I feel like this one should be self-explanatory. Underwear is sold in thrift stores, but it shouldn’t be. Please do not donate underwear, it’s gross. Even if they were expensive or could be worn a few more times, just toss them out. It’s unsanitary. End of discussion.


3. Very Worn or Stained Clothing

I see this in the thrift store all of the time. I’ll pick up a lovely shirt just to notice that it has a large stain or there is a giant hole in it. Do not donate very worn or stained clothing. When you do this, it wastes so much time. Your time was wasted donating it. The thrift store’s time was wasted tagging and attempting to sell it. The potential buyer’s time was wasted when they got their hopes up. Save everyone’s time and toss it in the trash or recycling.


4. Chipped Dishware

This topic is argued by some, but I agree with The Fundamental Home that you should not donate chipped dishes. Here’s why: they will take forever to sell, if at all, and it is unsafe. Although some chipped dishes may still be usable, it’s best to toss them out. Think about it. You donated the chipped dish because it was chipped. When a buyer wants to purchase dishes from the thrift store, they will most likely choose dishes that aren’t chipped so that they can get the most use out of them. Not to mention, chipped dishes can cut people and are unsafe. When it comes to chipped dishes, toss them out to save everyone time and a potential trip to the hospital.


5. Broken Electronics

This is also a given. Do not donate your old electronics because you don’t know what to do with them. It is as easy as recycling them instead. When you donate broken electronics, thrift stores waste their time trying to sell or dispose of these items. If they make it out to the shelf, a buyer may purchase it not knowing that it doesn’t work. Most thrift stores do not allow returns, so when you donate broken electronics, a lot of time is wasted and hopes are let down.


I hope you found this list useful! What did you think of my tips? Do you agree with them? Let me know in the comments!

Spooky Savings on Thrift Store Halloween Costumes

Happy Sunday thrifters! Tomorrow is the first day of October which means the countdown to Halloween begins! I love everything about Halloween, and I proudly admit that it is one of my favorite holidays. Dressing up and eating candy is something I look forward to doing every year.

While I was thinking about who I want to be for Halloween this year, I came across this article from the South Whidbey Record that talks about a local thrift store selling Halloween costumes and décor. I have been buying my Halloween costumes from the thrift store for the past few years, and I think you should too! Halloween costumes can be expensive, and thrift stores can alleviate some of the holiday’s financial burden. After some inspiration from that article, I made a trip to my local thrift store to find some spooky steals on Halloween costumes.

A little thrifting tip: before you purchase a costume from the thrift store, make sure all of the costume pieces are included! I checked all of the costumes in this post and each one came with its original pieces.

The first costume I came across was this hilarious beer mug costume. It was sized for an adult male. It came with a one-piece beer tunic. This would be the perfect costume for a college student! It was marked $7.99 and considering that it costs $39.99 brand-new, this was a great deal.

The next costume I found was this John Cena boy’s costume. I think this costume is hilarious. The kid modeling it really nailed the John Cena look. This costume was only $3.99! That is a steal. While searching the internet, I found a similar John Cena costume for $24.99 from Spirit Halloween. For only $3.99, you can’t see me shopping at a costume store anytime soon.

Another costume I came across was an adult Angry Birds costume. This costume included the one-piece red bird tunic. It was also priced for $3.99. Initially, I thought that Angry Birds wasn’t a relevant game anymore, which is why this costume was in the thrift store. However,  I was blown away to find out that it costs $36.28 new. I guess it is still relevant. What a deal!

I then saw these hilarious Homer and Marge Simpson costumes. This would be great for a couple to wear on Halloween. Homer and Marge were only $4.99 each. The Homer costume still had the original price of $24.97 on the packaging, but the cheapest one online costs $29.99. Marge is selling online for $44.99. These costumes were a great deal It’s important to note that the donut is not included in the Homer costume.

The next costume I saw was a child’s Boba Fett costume. When has dressing up as a Star Wars character not been a great costume idea? This costume was priced $9.99. While looking online, I found a similar one for $29.99. Considering the popularity of Star Wars and that Boba Fett will be getting his own movie, this was a great deal for any Star Wars fan.

The last costume I saw was this cute clown costume for a dog or cat (as the packaging says). This costume was priced for only $2.99. A similar one costs $9.67. Even pets can get in the Halloween spirit and for only $2.99, you can too!


What are you being for Halloween and what did you think of these thrift store costumes? Let me know in the comments!



Four Thrifted Outfits Every College Girl Needs

Happy Sunday thrifters! It’s a gloomy Sunday here in Baltimore, but I believe this post will brighten up your day!

I came across an article by the Northern Star Media. It talks about how thrifting is great for college students who want cheap clothes, and I couldn’t agree more! I’m in college, so I know the difficulty of trying to balance fashion with my bank account.

After reading the article, a great idea came to my mind. What if I could find a few great thrifted outfits for college fashionistas? I went to my local thrift store and created four outfits (minus shoes) that every college girl needs. I think you’ll like these outfits. Trust me, I have a PhD in thrifting.

  1. Casual Outfit

The first outfit I put together was this simple, every day, casual outfit. It consists of a cozy, cotton t-shirt dress and a cute brown belt. I chose this dress because its stylish, versatile, and most of all, comfortable. A college girl could wear this dress to class, lunch with friends, or while running a quick errand. The dress cost $7.99 and the belt only $3.99. This outfit is great because it can be worn in the spring and summer by itself or worn in fall with a cardigan and boots. I really like this article by InStyle that shows three different ways to style a t-shirt dress. A t-shirt dress is a must-have for a college girl’s closet!

  1. Workout Outfit

The next outfit I found was this workout outfit. I found a workout skirt with tags still attached and a workout jacket. Both are from the brand Fila. This one is kind of obvious. Every college girl needs a workout outfit. Whether she’s at the gym or jogging across campus, a workout outfit is a necessity. The skirt was $9.99 and the jacket $6.99. I really like this outfit because it can be worn together or separately. The jacket can be worn with a pair of jeans or the skirt can be worn with a t-shirt.

  1. Interview Outfit

This outfit is a must for every college girl. A pantsuit is essential to wear to a job interview, an internship, or an important meeting. In my opinion, this is the most important piece in a college girl’s closet. The pantsuit set is by Tommy Hilfiger. It was kind of pricey for the thrift store. But, it was in great condition and if you ask me, $20 for a Tommy Hilfiger suit is a great deal since a similar one costs $130 for the jacket and $62 for the pants. I chose this white shirt to go with the suit because it added a nice color balance and you can’t beat the price for $6.99.

  1. Social Outfit

The last thrifted outfit every college girl needs is a social outfit. This is an outfit that can be worn out to a party, on a date night, or wherever she pleases. I chose this dress because I thought it can be worn for those occasions. First, let me add that I LOVE this dress. I think the color is stunning and the ruffles add a nice touch. I truly think it is beautiful and a must-have for a college girl’s closet. This dress cost $9.99 at the thrift store which is nothing compared to its retail price of $90.

I hope this post provides some inspiration for college girls who have a tight budget but love fashion. What did you think of the outfits I paired? Which one was your favorite? Let me know in the comments!


Thrifting vs Throwbacks: New Nike ’90s Collection

Happy Sunday Thrifters! Over the weekend, I came across an article by Business Insider. The article discussed a new collection from Nike titled “New ’90s Throwback Style.” The collection is supposed to be inspired by ’90s Nike clothing such as trackpants and windbreakers. You know, like the crunchy polyester material that Will Smith wore in the Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

I really like the collection, but I do not like the prices. Then I remembered something…I see vintage ’90s Nike clothing at the thrift store ALL OF THE TIME! Why pay more for vintage inspired pieces when you can get the real thing (or something very similar) for a fraction of the retail price! Feeling inspired, I decided to take a trip to a nearby thrift store to see what I could find.

First and foremost, I just wanted to note that the pieces I found are obviously not the same as those in the new Nike collection. They are just similar in style. These pieces are clearly pre-owned which attributes to their low-cost (yippee for thrift store savings!). All the pieces below were found in one thrift store. I hope this inspires you to find some vintage Nike pieces at your thrift store!

I first made my way to the shoe section where I found a pair of Nike Air Max shoes. They were a little worn, but could easily be cleaned with a little time and elbow grease. I like the bold colors on these shoes. These kicks really make a statement. For only $11.99, I thought these shoes were a pretty good deal compared to their new Nike vintage counterpart that retails for $110.


I then moved on to the athletic section to see what pants I could find. I found these super cool green vintage Nike joggers for only $5.99. I really like the forest green color and drawstring waist on these pants. They have the ’90s written all over them. Ironically, they look very similar to these pants from the New ’90s Throwback Style that retails for $90. That’s a savings of 93%!


After some more searching, I found these navy blue trackpants. They too were only $5.99. These pants also have a drawstring. They are somewhat similar to these pants from the new Nike collection. The only difference is that the thrifted pants have a wider leg instead of the tight elastic jogger style the new Nike pants have.


The final piece I found was this grey Nike windbreaker with black accents. This piece has the ’90s style of tight elastic on the wrists. This windbreaker also has a drawstring waist with a Nike check on the front and back. While going through the new Nike collection, I found this windbreaker that is similar in style and color to the thrifted Nike windbreaker. It also has the tight elastic wrists and drawstring waist. The only distinguishing difference is that the new Nike jacket has a hood and the thrifted Nike jacket does not. The biggest difference between the two is that the thrifted Nike jacket costs $9.99 while the new one is $110!


So, that’s all of the vintage Nike I found at the thrift store. Do you like the new Nike throwback collection? What do you think of the pieces I found? Let me know in the comments below!

Five Things to Always Purchase at the Thrift Store

Happy Saturday thrifters! While drinking my morning coffee, I came across an article by Kathryn Jenkins titled “Confessions of a Thrift Store Shopper.” I found myself laughing at the similarities we have when it comes to thrifting. We both agree that thrift shops are THE place to hang out and the hunt to find items makes the experience even more thrilling.

But then I began to think. What about the folks who are new to thrifting? Or those who aren’t sure what to look for in a thrift store because all they see is a disorganized mess? Well, have no fear! I’ve come up with a list of my top five items every thrift shopper, experienced or inexperienced, should pick up during their hunt.



  1. Holiday Decorations                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     IMG_3475

Whenever you are out thrift shopping and come across some nice holiday décor, in season or not, PICK IT UP! Based off my past thrifting experience, good quality holiday items are usually found off-season. If you see nice Christmas ornaments around Easter, pick them up! Chances are they will not stay on the shelf until said holiday. People purge their holiday décor at different times during the year, so if you see holiday items, pick them up before someone else does.

  1. Vintage Pyrex Bowls                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      IMG_3477

I used to come across vintage Pyrex bowls and leave them on the shelf. But now, I pick them up whenever I see them, thanks to BargainBabe’s top 5 items to pick up at the thrift store. I’ve even managed to stack up a little collection. Anyway, vintage Pyrex is great for baking and home décor. They can be great for displaying oranges or baking a casserole. They also wash up very easily. Regardless of how you chose to use them, they add a nice accent to anyone’s kitchen and they are a must-buy when you see them at the thrift store.

  1. Books                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         IMG_3478

Thrift stores are a great place to go whenever you are looking for something new to read. Thrift store books are super cheap. The ones above were $1 each. I choose to read books that I buy from the thrift store rather than renting from the library because once I buy it, it’s mine. I don’t have to worry about a late fee. If you think about it, a library book a few days late would cost the same as one of those $1 thrift store books. Sometimes you can find textbooks in the thrift store and resell them to make a profit (if reading isn’t your thing.)

  1. Jeans                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          IMG_3479

Thrift stores always have tons of jeans, therefore, pick up gently used ones whenever you see them. Jeans are pretty expensive when purchased new. Save yourself the money and get some nice pre-owned jeans. If taken care of correctly, your pre-owned jeans can last a long time. Especially if they are well-made. Sometimes the selection of jeans at the thrift store can be overwhelming (or underwhelming depending on which thrift store), so take the time to look through the racks and grab yourself some thrifted jeans.


  1. Cast Iron Skillets                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  IMG_3474

My last item on my top five list would be cast iron skillets. Growing up, my grandmother cooked with cast iron, so they are a favored cookware of mine and bring back good memories. You should pick up cast iron skillets for two reasons: they are excellent to cook with and they are an affordable thrift store find. Cast iron skillets are great for cooking because they are durable. They can be used on the stove top or in the oven. Cast iron skillets are a great thrift store find because of their price. The highest price I have seen for a thrift store cast iron skillet has been $9.99. As long as it is in your budget, pick up cast iron skillets because they usually fly off of the shelves. Also, don’t forget to season your cast iron skillet once you purchase it and NEVER put it in the dishwasher.


What are your top five items to always purchase in the thrift store? Let me know in the comments below!


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