Thrifting vs Throwbacks: New Nike ’90s Collection

Happy Sunday Thrifters! Over the weekend, I came across an article by Business Insider. The article discussed a new collection from Nike titled “New ’90s Throwback Style.” The collection is supposed to be inspired by ’90s Nike clothing such as trackpants and windbreakers. You know, like the crunchy polyester material that Will Smith wore in the Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

I really like the collection, but I do not like the prices. Then I remembered something…I see vintage ’90s Nike clothing at the thrift store ALL OF THE TIME! Why pay more for vintage inspired pieces when you can get the real thing (or something very similar) for a fraction of the retail price! Feeling inspired, I decided to take a trip to a nearby thrift store to see what I could find.

First and foremost, I just wanted to note that the pieces I found are obviously not the same as those in the new Nike collection. They are just similar in style. These pieces are clearly pre-owned which attributes to their low-cost (yippee for thrift store savings!). All the pieces below were found in one thrift store. I hope this inspires you to find some vintage Nike pieces at your thrift store!

I first made my way to the shoe section where I found a pair of Nike Air Max shoes. They were a little worn, but could easily be cleaned with a little time and elbow grease. I like the bold colors on these shoes. These kicks really make a statement. For only $11.99, I thought these shoes were a pretty good deal compared to their new Nike vintage counterpart that retails for $110.


I then moved on to the athletic section to see what pants I could find. I found these super cool green vintage Nike joggers for only $5.99. I really like the forest green color and drawstring waist on these pants. They have the ’90s written all over them. Ironically, they look very similar to these pants from the New ’90s Throwback Style that retails for $90. That’s a savings of 93%!


After some more searching, I found these navy blue trackpants. They too were only $5.99. These pants also have a drawstring. They are somewhat similar to these pants from the new Nike collection. The only difference is that the thrifted pants have a wider leg instead of the tight elastic jogger style the new Nike pants have.


The final piece I found was this grey Nike windbreaker with black accents. This piece has the ’90s style of tight elastic on the wrists. This windbreaker also has a drawstring waist with a Nike check on the front and back. While going through the new Nike collection, I found this windbreaker that is similar in style and color to the thrifted Nike windbreaker. It also has the tight elastic wrists and drawstring waist. The only distinguishing difference is that the new Nike jacket has a hood and the thrifted Nike jacket does not. The biggest difference between the two is that the thrifted Nike jacket costs $9.99 while the new one is $110!


So, that’s all of the vintage Nike I found at the thrift store. Do you like the new Nike throwback collection? What do you think of the pieces I found? Let me know in the comments below!

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