Spooky Savings on Thrift Store Halloween Costumes

Happy Sunday thrifters! Tomorrow is the first day of October which means the countdown to Halloween begins! I love everything about Halloween, and I proudly admit that it is one of my favorite holidays. Dressing up and eating candy is something I look forward to doing every year.

While I was thinking about who I want to be for Halloween this year, I came across this article from the South Whidbey Record that talks about a local thrift store selling Halloween costumes and décor. I have been buying my Halloween costumes from the thrift store for the past few years, and I think you should too! Halloween costumes can be expensive, and thrift stores can alleviate some of the holiday’s financial burden. After some inspiration from that article, I made a trip to my local thrift store to find some spooky steals on Halloween costumes.

A little thrifting tip: before you purchase a costume from the thrift store, make sure all of the costume pieces are included! I checked all of the costumes in this post and each one came with its original pieces.

The first costume I came across was this hilarious beer mug costume. It was sized for an adult male. It came with a one-piece beer tunic. This would be the perfect costume for a college student! It was marked $7.99 and considering that it costs $39.99 brand-new, this was a great deal.

The next costume I found was this John Cena boy’s costume. I think this costume is hilarious. The kid modeling it really nailed the John Cena look. This costume was only $3.99! That is a steal. While searching the internet, I found a similar John Cena costume for $24.99 from Spirit Halloween. For only $3.99, you can’t see me shopping at a costume store anytime soon.

Another costume I came across was an adult Angry Birds costume. This costume included the one-piece red bird tunic. It was also priced for $3.99. Initially, I thought that Angry Birds wasn’t a relevant game anymore, which is why this costume was in the thrift store. However,  I was blown away to find out that it costs $36.28 new. I guess it is still relevant. What a deal!

I then saw these hilarious Homer and Marge Simpson costumes. This would be great for a couple to wear on Halloween. Homer and Marge were only $4.99 each. The Homer costume still had the original price of $24.97 on the packaging, but the cheapest one online costs $29.99. Marge is selling online for $44.99. These costumes were a great deal It’s important to note that the donut is not included in the Homer costume.

The next costume I saw was a child’s Boba Fett costume. When has dressing up as a Star Wars character not been a great costume idea? This costume was priced $9.99. While looking online, I found a similar one for $29.99. Considering the popularity of Star Wars and that Boba Fett will be getting his own movie, this was a great deal for any Star Wars fan.

The last costume I saw was this cute clown costume for a dog or cat (as the packaging says). This costume was priced for only $2.99. A similar one costs $9.67. Even pets can get in the Halloween spirit and for only $2.99, you can too!


What are you being for Halloween and what did you think of these thrift store costumes? Let me know in the comments!



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